Arizona Nudist Beaches

While it may not so much be considered a nude beach destination as some of the obvious states, like California and Florida, Arizona does have a desert-like environment with sand, cactus and beach-like weather. Bask in the hot (sometimes over 100 degrees) weather and enjoy complete nakedness at an AZ naked beach, resort or nudist colony.

Nudist Escapes knows of several nude beaches, some have pools and hot tubs nearby if the beach is located near a nudist resort. An example is Shangri-La Ranch, where you can even go naked horseback riding! El Dorado Hot Spring is nothing short of beautiful, with rustic western themes and nudity near the natural springs of AZ’s hidden Tonopah Valley.

There is an American Association for Nude Recreation that covers Arizona, as well as western states like California, Hawaii, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada.

The lure of the west is large, just as the desire for uninhibited freedom from clothing. Some nude beaches and resorts in AZ are clothing-optional, so you never have to feel pressured to take off your clothes unless you really want to. Hey, we say “Why not?” Have fun on your beach adventure of nudity in Arizona!

Arizona has the best nude beaches – A – Z!

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