Arizona Nudist Colonies & Resorts

For some nudists, Arizona is hands down the best location for a week-long getaway, simply because of its heat. There’s something magical about the desert sun glaring down on your nude body that will make you want to return time and time again. For others, Arizona means Nudist Escapes in the mountains and canyons, with giant cacti sprouting everywhere. Hopefully, that’s not the only thing that’s sprouting!

Whatever your reason is for visiting the valley of the sun, Arizona is the perfect place for a nudist colony sojourn or nude resort stay, nestled among the endless mountains, sunsets and desert regions of the state.

Arizona Nudist Resorts:
If Tucson is your point of interest, then check out the Mira Vista Resort which is full of rich history and prolific heritage. The Mira Vista dates back to the 1800’s when it was a stagecoach stop on the Butterfield Train line which ran thousands of miles from St. Louis, Missouri to San Francisco, California. You can still get in on a bit of history as the Mira Vista still has the original stone bathtub, and today you can enjoy seeing it naked. The nudist resort also houses a pool, spa, fitness room, tennis courts and more. The best part of Mira Vista is the secluded gardens of desert plants, trees and saguaro cactus. All of this you can enjoy while sipping wine and baring it all. But if letting it all hang loose is not something you’re quite ready for, day visitors are welcome to check and see if this nude resort is clothes optional.

Near Phoenix (roughly 45 miles from Sky Harbor International Airport) is the family friendly ‘clothing optional’ resort Shangri La Ranch. For those with kids, Shangri La is perfect – featuring playgrounds for the young ones, a clubhouse for the adults and the Bare Buns Café for those with the big appetite. Day visits are available too.

El Dorado Hot Springs is another popular spot for those in the Phoenix vicinity and these old bathing springs are perfect for the typical western fashion traveler. The key word with this nudist resort is intimacy. Visitors can enjoy private nude bathing in a variety of different springs sprinkled throughout the area. It’s a virtual naked oasis in the middle of the desert, which has been cherished throughout centuries. Various accommodations exist, but it is not widely known. Therefore, the quiet atmosphere may be perfect for rookie nudist camp visitors.

Dare to Get Naked in Arizona!

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