California Nudist Beaches

Another gigantic nude state for you to enjoy is California. It seems like the trick with California is deciding which beach is the best one for nudity, because so many are terrific. A good place to start is San Francisco and Baker Beach. Baker Beach is one of the best beaches if you want a great view. Stretch yourself out and soak in the sights of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands. The water is shriveling and feels great on hot summer days, but usually the duration time in the water is quite minimal because the Pacific waters are very cold on bare skin. Locals and tourists alike enjoy ditching their clothes at Baker Beach.

If further south is where you like to be, then you will want to try getting naked in San Diego. Since LA prohibits beaches to allow nudity, most locals have no problem venturing south to Charger land. A town with celebrities, strangers and fun people of all types, you will find being nude in San Diego is nothing out of the norm. Blacks Beach in San Diego is a very appealing destination for nudists to hang. Nudity in San Onofre is popular as well. There is no hesitation in saying California nude beaches will not disappoint!

California’s nude beaches offer a premier place to enjoy sunshine and nakedness. You’ve seen Baywatch, but don’t be intimidated by TV because nude beaches are typically not laden with perfect people. Nude beaches in California are just a place for anyone of all body types and sizes who want to lay in the sun without having to dress up for it.
Get Sunshine at a Nude Beach in Cali!

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