Florida Nudist Beaches

As with the other nude colonies and naturist resorts, Florida (along with California) is often considered the nude beach capital of the United States. With great places to let your naked spirit shine, Florida nude beaches put you in charge of where you want to wish to spend wistful days wearing, well… nothing at all!

Haulover Beach is a great place to start, as it draws nudists from all over the country regardless of age, weight, shape or sexual orientation. Hit the waves without fear at Haulover and also take time to soak in the sights because this is one of the most gorgeous beaches in all of America. Haulover keeps the pesky gawkers out by putting up perimeters with signs so you can enjoy yourself without being “ogled at”. This half mile stretch of white sand is great for the virgin nudist because you will be thrilled to see how accepting and open the frequent visitors of Haulover are. Make sure to get some screen on those pasty butt cheeks though – an error like that may leave you with a bad first experience shedding those clothes and we would hate for that to happen!

Just South of Cape Kennedy is Federal property and sections of the beach is clothing optional. Portions of South Beach in Miami are clothing optional, but be forewarned of all the snowbirds that come from northern states. Tourism is Florida’s biggest asset and nude beaches in FL are no exception.

Below is a link to Florida nude beaches. Florida is a state where ‘anything goes’ as long as you’re not breaking the law. And there’s no law that says you can’t visit a nude beach or lay naked in the Florida sand. Sure, you’ll still need a towel but now you don’t need to worry about how you look in a bikini because no one else is wearing one at your nude beach vacation destination.

You Won’t Need a Beach Bag in Florida!

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