British Nudist Lifestyle

If you ask those that are involved in the nudist lifestyle, they will tell you that Britain is well behind the times when it comes to nudity. In fact, a survey in Britain says that four in five people agree that Britain is way behind the times and nearly half of the nudity free population that was surveyed would pose naked for advertisements if they were not of a sexual nature!

What this shows is that much of the population is ready to embrace nudity, but the public at large is not exposed to it regularly. The government and governing bodies over television and advertisements simply are not ready to break out of the Victorian era and show a little skin.

Many ad campaigns for various health and wellness centers are not allowed for viewing by the public without modification. Approved versions of an Enjoy Your Body campaign will go up on 200 billboards across the country after a lot of opposition. The campaign is simply about loving the ordinary body, but typical prude British way of doing business has delayed the advertisements.

The campaign does not show the body inappropriately, but does celebrate the nude body, as it should be celebrated. Many professors and those with experience say that the British should not tolerate such editing or refining of nude images, as historically the nude body is not offensive when you look at Greek history and such.

Many nudists argue that proper nudity should be seen in the public as it can stand to help men and women feel better about their bodies. Many individuals are not happy with their nude bodies, but nudists often find that once they take off their clothes they are quite happy with their bodies. When one visits a nudist resort they often find that once the clothes are off everyone is on an even playing field. The lack of clothes is often thought to strip those that can afford more beautiful clothes of their power. Nudity is natural and it should be enjoyed privately, however there is nothing wrong with having some amount of nudity in the public eye to inspire a healthy body image.

A little bit of skin in Britain would go a long way to move the British culture into modern times. Nudism is a growing movement, there is nothing that censorship and governing bodies can do about that!

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