Hong Kong Nudist Colony

The desire to create a clothing optional nudist resort and provide a place for nudist vacation is being seen worldwide, and Hong Kong is not an exception to this rule. A relatively large nudist association with 440 members wanted to start Hong Kong’s first nudist colony, but they have met a steadfast opposition to their plans. The plan was to create the first nudist colony on a remote island off Hong Kong known as Kau Tung Wan. The island is a breath-taking piece of real estate that is located off of the Eastern coast of the rural New Territories. The Kau Tung Wan island seems to be the ideal location for a nudist resort as it will be out of sight for those that are not accepting, yet the association cannot get permission to build. The plan was to have 80 quaint beach huts, a comfortable site including a barbeque pit, as well as boating facilities. The beach style set up seemed a shoe in to the association that was sure that nude vacations to the area would be plentiful and would have a positive impact on all of Hong Kong tourism, not just the nudist aspect. Unfortunately, villagers who live near the island were deeply opposed to the plan. Two powerful rural communities have come together to do away with the idea altogether, vowing that they will not let such a community be built in their area. Unfortunately, these villagers have a stereotypical view of nudist colonies and do not see that the travel to and from the resort stands to benefit them economically. Unfortunately for the nudist association that wants to build their picturesque nudist colony, Hong Kong residents are typically very conservative. Hong Kong residents are known to frown on public nudity, and even sitting in the sun topless is not an option for most of these people. Though they face an uphill battle, the 440-member association is determined to create their own colony in which they can freely take part in their clothing optional lifestyle. Thankfully, nudism is gaining acceptance and popularity everywhere and this association along with others all around the world is optimistic about setting up their resorts in time. At this time the resort planned for the Kau Tung Wan island is at a total standstill, so the island remains empty, and a piece of awe striking real estate is just waiting to be put to use.

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