La Tierra Linda Now Mira Vista

La Tierra Linda Now Mira Vista

Once a desert haven to Hollywood Stars, the former La Tierra Linda Guest Ranch no longer exists as it once did. Actually, the resort is still there as it was in mint condition, but one key element of the Guest Ranch is missing: clothing. While the ranch has had many names, managers, owners, and themes, a nudist resort is its latest veneer, and an interesting one at that.

The newly named Mira Vista has officially opened as a clothing optional resort that caters to nudists. The resort allows the clientele to enjoy an expansive pool, lovely tennis courts, and a health and wellness center that provides yoga and Pilates and more.

The clientele is an obvious one, nudists. Most nudists are between the ages of 40 and 60, making the ranch a more than ideal vacation spot for this age group. The nudist industry brings in more than $400 million dollars a year according to the American Association for Nude Recreation.

The Mira Vista will definitely cash in on this booming industry because much of the Tucson population fits into the age category specified above. The nudist resort will also attract nudists world wide because of its great layout, reasonable prices, and temperate climate all year around.

The owners of the brand new Mira Vista are excited about their new endeavor, but they are not new to the business. In fact, there are several other nudist resorts owned by this group including resorts in San Diego, Sacramento, Tampa, and Atlanta.

The ownership has combined club memberships so that they provide access not just to Mira Vista, but also to the other resorts that they own. This combined club membership will allow those that enjoy nude recreation to enjoy every part of the country during their most beautiful seasons.

There are actually four naturist groups listed in Arizona, which means that the Mira Vista will likely do quite well with the locals as well as with visitors from all around the world. The stunning Mira Vista has 14 guest suites, a scrumptious restaurant, a wellness center, a gorgeous pool and spa, tennis courts, and a lovely 1800s Wild West Town fascia. The resort does background checks on all visitors to ensure that the nude vacation or resort experience will be a pleasant one for everyone.

The Mira Vista Resort simply aims to provide a beautiful, fun, and relaxing environment for nudists to take part in their nude lifestyle.

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