Mira Vista Grand Opening

It is official; there is a nude dude ranch catering to nudist vacations! Well, it is not exactly a nude dude ranch, but it is a nude ranch that used to be a dude ranch. The Mira Vista Ranch, located just outside of Tucson opened on the first Monday of May 2006.

The Ranch was greatly anticipated, and has received a surprisingly small amount of opposition. Perhaps the fact that the dude ranch most recently catered to the gay, lesbian, and trans-gender population made the nude ranch not so much of a shock to local residents. This clothing optional dude ranch is a breath taking 30 acres that creates a great backdrop for any nude vacation.

The Mira Vista was once frequented by some of the biggest names in Hollywood as an escape from the limelight. Several different individuals have owned the beautiful ranch in the past, but this is thought to be the most exciting transformation the ranch has undergone. This nudist resort offers 14 guest suites, a health and wellness center, a restaurant with delicious food, and a lovely pool and spa area. The ranch is in mint condition and provides a very comfortable environment to all those that visit.

The Mira Vista nudist resort is a great place for seasoned nudists as well as those that are simply feeding their curiosity for the first time. The ranch does background checks on everyone and promises to provide a great time to all those that visit. While clothing is optional, good behavior is not.

The ranch says that if you would not do something in your mother’s house, you should not do it at this nudist resort! This is a family resort, where families with children are more than welcome and everyone can have a good time because of the beautiful landscape, the Wild West motif, and enough activities and entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

This ranch is truly steeped in history, but the nude ranch is truly groundbreaking for the real estate. The temperate climate and active nudist population are sure to make the Mira Vista very successful. Other than your own backyard, the Mira Vista Ranch Resort is one of the few areas in Arizona that will allow you to wear nothing but sunscreen!

Mira Vista embraces the comfort and natural experience of being nude. An upscale resort, Mira Vista provides the best in nudist colonies or nude vacations that one could ever want.

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