Nudist Camps, Clubs, and Resorts: Are they dead?

Nudist Camps, Clubs, and Resorts: Are they dead?

Nudism is an expression of self; the sign of true freedom. Not every gets it. Those who did get it are old retirees. While there’s nothing wrong with that, the problems sprouts when the youth begin to shun these nudist camps and resorts because of the fact that these naturist groups tend to be filled with elderly people; it’s the old-young divide that’s hurting nudism, really.

The American Association for Nude recreation pegs the number of nudist resorts in the U.S at more than 250. This, in effect, makes for $440 million worth of business. However, for a long time now, nudist groups and resorts have been catering to mostly elderly persons or retirees who have taken to the freedom of expression that nudism is. This, in fact, caused the nudist resorts or even the AANR to go stale and not grow in numbers for a long time since the youth have mostly shunned these groups in favour of the publicly available, no-holds-barred nudist beaches.

Add to this the fact that in the U.S — unlike in some parts of Europe — nudist is somewhat frowned upon; not everyone takes to it openly. In fact, some nudist groups in the U.S have been beaten up or have been arrested. The need for going nude, in spite of the bottlenecks, still exists.

The AANR and many youth nudists now campaign endlessly about the benefits of being yourself, letting go, and getting nude. Opening bashes, nudist parties, nudist volleyball tournaments, naked runs and marathons, reverse-strip poker, and many such events are now being scheduled and floated to lure potential nudists in. A New York times article titled “Wearing Only a Smile: Nudists Seek Out the Young and the Naked”, mentions in detail a lot of such endeavors that the nudist groups and AANR are undertaking to get the youth on board.

Are you young and haven’t tried out a nudist camp or a resort yet?

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