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The Bar-S-Ranch is a nudist club with members who share the same passion not just for the natural nude but also for fun social gatherings and outdoor activities. All its members enjoy meeting new people, getting into a good conversation about nudism and life in general and play volleyball under the sun.

This resort is beautifully nestled in 400 acres of lush green woodlands and gently rolling meadows – perfect for quiet time and peaceful relaxation that you want. In the middle if the club, you will find a seven-acre lake which makes the perfect place for outdoor activities like fishing, sunbathing, picnics and the like. If you want to have your own time for meditation, the resort also takes pride of another sight to behold – a colorful flora and fauna with quiet streams nearby. The activity areas also offer a lot of shady spots as well as open sunny spaces for bonding and long talks.

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