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Great Lakes Sunseekers, Inc

Great Lakes Sunseekers, Inc

The Great Lakes SunSeekers is nudist colony beautifully situated in Sylvania. It has been active for over twenty years now with most of its members coming from Northeast Ohio and Southwest Michigan. It is a family-oriented resort so you can always bring your kids and your spouse in your travels. Parents do not have to worry too much about their kids’ welfare because this nudist camp provides members and guests a very relaxed and a very friendly environment. Here, you can bond with the whole family, play under the sun or engage in a good conversation with people who share the same nudist lifestyle that you have. During the cooler months, the club would organize splash parties either at a rented place or at a fellow member’s house. Members truly love fun and outdoors and so they would plan year-round activities for everybody which includes a monthly group visits to other health clubs.

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