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Oaklake Trails

Oaklake Trails

Oaklake Trails is a naturist park which was found in the summer of 1992. It is considered as one the biggest nudist parks in the United States. To date, its facilities are rapidly expanding and the population of its members is growing really fast. This nudist resort is located atop the highest point of land area and thus, offering everyone a very beautiful panoramic view of the countryside. It takes pride of its hiking and jogging trails lacing the grounds which lead to eight scenic lakes and ponds. Here, you will also see a variety of stunning canyons, rock formations and a seasonal waterfall. The whole park is available year-round both to members and to guests. This is a family-oriented camp so you can bring the whole family along as long as everybody is amenable to dedicating themselves to the principles of social nudity with the rest of the people around. Visitors are sure to find a very relaxing, wholesome, physically healthy and fun-filled aura. Everything is so light, first-timers will not feel left out at all.

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