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Sunbirds is an large couple-friendly nudist club. It is best known for the active and fun-loving members that they have. This club is non-landed comprised of over 85 singles and couples coming from Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas. Members share the same passion and wholesomeness of the nude. They would celebrate nudism by going natural under the sun and by conducting clothing-optional activities. This nudist club has been alive in various forms for more than 20 years now and members are proud to say that to date, the members keep growing. Members of the Sunbirds are in every way, regular people. However, they always have a high passion and zest for fun and the outdoors thus, they become more easy-going than the average textile-compulsive citizen. In this club, discrimination is never an issue. Everybody is accepted for who he is. Its members come from all types of profession and background, from all sizes and shapes and all ages.

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