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Timberline Lodge Resort

Timberline Lodge Resort

Timberline is a nudist camp which offers members and visitors the combination of entertainment and relaxation. It also has a variety of enjoyable activities – done in both the luxurious upscale accommodations and natural outdoors with scenic mountain environment and rippling waters. Show does Timberline make the dream vacation for you and your loved ones? First, it has a wide range of amenities to keep you and your family engrossed the whole time. Second, it has a variety of fun-filled activities to spruce up the camaraderie among fellow members. To name some, it has both woodland trails and man-made boardwalks in a shaded park; shuffleboard, volleyball courts and well-lighted disco floor if you feel like going on a night-out; townhouse with stone fireplace and cathedral ceilings and many more. Even just the mere activity of driving down a winding road to a great time off at the resort already makes a surefire moment of relaxation!

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