Nudist Travel Agency Sold

For many generations the mention of nudism and nudist colonies would get most British citizens snickering or even outright giggling. Many British citizens simply did not take nudism seriously, but the tide has turned and more people have a serious tolerance of such a lifestyle. Although there have been various Brits taking part in the nudist lifestyle since the 1890s, the recent sale of nudist vacations provider Peng Travel for 1.8 million pounds makes it clear that nudist vacations are becoming more and more common. Peng Travel was not just sold to any old Joe either; it was sold to the mainstream Travelzest.

Many people the world over are realizing there is nothing deviant or uncomfortable about taking a nude vacation; in fact, it is down right comfortable. Many people travel abroad to experience the nudist vacation they have always wanted and find that nude is the ideal way to experience the beach! Because more and more individuals are stumbling on this realization that nudism is good and comfortable, nudism in Britain and worldwide stands to spread like wild fire. Though the nudist vacation and lifestyle is becoming more widely accepted, the British naturist travel market still sees fewer than 5,000 package vacations a year. However, the number is growing given that the first nudist resort had just three visitors a year.

Many blame the less than beautiful weather experienced by the British as the cause for so few planned nude vacations. It is hard to be a true nudist is Britain because the weather just does not lend itself to nudity very often. Although the weather keeps some from taking part in naturism, the nudist movement has really taken off since the 1920s and continues to grow. Some of the clubs have even been featured in films, magazines, and such. Some of the first nudist clubs like The Sunlight League and The Sun Bathing Society have served as inspiration for current British nudist resorts and nude vacations.

While the memberships of clubs are not really growing, it is not an accurate way to gauge the nudist movement, as many nudists simply do not like to be organized. While many of the nudists in Britain are thought of as a joke, this is a serious lifestyle for some. A lifestyle allows them to be comfortable all of the time and simply comfortable in their own skin.

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